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SHG Name :-GhatotKatch Self Help Group
Location :-Banjar, Kullu Himachal Pradesh
Products :- Handloom, Pattu, Knitting, Achaar, Ghee, Honey, Apricot Oil Etc

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    Galgal Ka Achar – गलगल का अचार

    Sold By: thecoopmart
    • This is a Vegetarian product.
      • Nutri Forest’s Homemade Galgal Pickle ( Galgal Ka Achar ). Its Mild and full of flavour. Tastes best with khichdi & daliya. You may also eat a bit when feeling bloated.
      • Our sweet, sour and delicate pickles are traditional heirloom family recipe. It is a much-loved traditional Indian side-dish that is easy to store and convenient to use. It is a delicious blend of juicy limes with traditional spices.
      • WE ARE NATIONALLY AWARDED MANUFACTURES OF PICKLES. Shri Krishna Pickles is our parent brand. We have been serving pickles for more then 25 years with same taste and quality. Our handmade pickles have the authentic taste of spices and ingredients we put in.
      • Taste the spellbinding pickles of Nutri Forest. We know how to combine flavours, pick the right ingredients and add love to get the best aroma and blend. Nutri Forest bringing to you the pickle treasures to make your meals perfect. Click and order the treasure your tongue would savour.
      • Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Pusa, has aided us with the technique of traditional way of curating pickles. Our pickles are manufactured using only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colors, flavours or preservatives, thus ensuring the highest nutritional value. Each of our variants is an ideal blend of iconic ingredients. Enjoy these pickles at the comfort of your home.
    • Indian traditional recipe of grandmother’s time used for preparing delicious pickles
    • Every variety of own unique taste
    • Own grinded spices, pure mustard oil other ingredients used for preparation
    • Shelf life of 18 months




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